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handmade perculia art for people to keep and wear. Jewellery, stickers, art prints, figuri


i hope you all enjoy stepping into a magical world of artistry and charm.

At Trick and a Promise, I am passionate about creating unique, peculiar, witchy, cute and enchanting products.

With that in mind i do put alot of myself into my work. Which is why i have a whole range of different styles and products because i love all areas of art and that has always shown in my work.

Within this website you will find a whole range of products from jewllery to stickers to prints to boxes. You name it i probably work with it and if i dont i am always up for a new challenge.

Which leads me to welcome commission work as creating an idea someone has and seeing how much they love the final product has always brought so much joy to me.

Any questions im always open to answering and with that i will let you explore. Enjoy :)

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